Guardrail System Introduction and Installation Tips

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Guardrail system is designed to keep people or vehicles from straying into dangerous or off-limits areas. Galvanized guardrails are widely used in highway and secondary road. A guardrail system contains many parts such as guardrail beam, post, end terminals, spacer blocker, bolts and nuts.

There are two main types of guardrail beams: W beam and thrie beam.

W-beam is the most widely used highway barrier. Its name comes from the shape of the beam. The guardrail beam is supported by strong posts with a spacer block between the post and beam.

Thrie-Beam guardrail is a type of guardrail that forms two pieces of W-Beam Guardrail into one single shape. It is used in specific circumstances where additional coverage may be necessary. It is frequently used at racetracks for lower vehicles need.

Similarly, there are many types of guardrail channel posts. The main different is the shape of the post ends. The most common posts are c type post, u type post, round type post and flang post.

The spacer blocker is a connection of the guardrail beam and the post. The end terminal is

All these parts form the guardrail system.

When install a guardrail system, first confirm the guardrail standard plan. Choose the suitable guardrail beams, posts, end terminals and accessories. Then install the guardrails.

Before installation:

1. Review the guardrail plans

Before guardrail installation, check the guardrail plans. Make sure the current standard road plans match the date listed in the project plans.

2. Guardrail Beam Check

Check the guardrail beam specification. Make sure the guardrail match your country's standard.

3. Guardrail Accessories Check

Check whether the bolts and nuts match the guardrails beam. Make sure the posts and spacer blocks match the guardrail beam, also check whether they are galvanized.

4. Installation Location Related Checks

Make sure the installation line is correctly located for the type of guardrail, w-beam, thrie-beam, or cable. The offset distances must be correct for face of guardrail location from the installation line.

When installing:

5. Guardrail Installation Machine Check:

Make sure the guardrail pile driver works properly.

6. The Guardrail Location Check

Are posts and guardrail located correctly? The rail/cable height need to be according to height specified in the Standard Road Plans. (ie: 31 inches for w-beam and 32 inches for thrie-beam). Make sure the post spaced correctly.

7. Guardrail Post Plumb Check

The guardrail posts need to be reasonably plumb. So when using guardrail pile drivers, make sure the hammer accurate match the post shape. (Such as C channel post and round channel post).

8. Traffic Marker Related Checks

You also need to check whether the object markers, delineators, and associated hardware installed correctly.


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