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I received an email today from a person wanting to know what is the rule of thumb regarding gratuity for cleaning and janitorial staff. Being in the cleaning field over 10 years and receiving tips, and also knowing how cleaning staff wants to be treated, I would believe this to be proper.

Household Cleaners and Residential Cleaners- (Owners or Staff) 10%-15% of the price you pay for service. Lets face it folks you go out to dinner and pay the waiter or waitress this amount of the bill (or at least I hope you do)You are entrusting this person to you home, normal cleanings depending on the size of your dwelling can be 3-4 hours if not longer. If you receive superior service a gratuity is appreciated.

Carpet Cleaners- (Owners or Staff) If you receive carpet cleaning in your home or business , and the carpet cleaner goes out of his/ her way to give you superior service by moving furniture, extra stain removal, giving you a fair price on service a 10% to 15% gratuity is appreciated. Having a loyal carpet cleaning service is bonus. You should have your home or business carpet cleaned a minimum of 4 times a year depending on foot traffic. Also the occasional spill or stain that happens having a carpet cleaner who is quick to respond to your immediate requests is beneficial.

Window Washers and Window Cleaners-(Owners or Staff) Usually receive a $2-$4 tip per commercial location, on residential home window washings 5% is common, if the staff or owner is performing ladder work, two story or above outside window washings that the level of risk or danger is increased. A gratuity of 10%-20% is appreciated.

Janitorial Service-(Owners or Staff) Commercial locations. No gratuity is required. In multiple office center locations where staff cleans your personal office, and the bill for such cleaning services is paid by corporate. Leaving a Thank You note to the cleaner on your desk is appreciated or calling the Janitorial Service Owners office with appreciation for a certain staff member in the long run will improve this staffers wages and benefits. In smaller locations where personalized one on one service is more present follow the above guidelines, unless your janitorial staff is the owner of the company then remember a holiday tip or gift in the range of $50-$100 is usually given.

In all situations of cleaning, as long as you are receiving good service, good value and a friendly person who you communicate with, awards of gratuity should be given. In the same sense if the service does not meet your standards you should tell the owner of the service to improve performance. Do not forget that in all cases you are entrusting cleaning services and owners with all your personal belongings or valuables, the health and well being of your staff or family, and the safety of your home or business. Alot of responsibility managed well always deserves extra appreciation.

Kevin Carnahan Founder (IJCSA) International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association

Owner; Purity Cleaning


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