The Key To Making Money With Your Talent


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So, how do you take your talent and turn it to gold? First, you need to do what a person with a good business talent would do. Research. Instead of just wanting to do things that you want to do, use your creativity to make things that people want buy. This is the most important thing that you can do to be successful at making money with your artistic ability.

The truth of the matter is that you do not have to be the best designer in the world to make a lot of money with your designs. You just have to make items that people want to buy. Sometimes things sell that just have a little different twist to them. Sometimes they are common items made into jewelry or furniture or usable art of any kind that people find interesting and buy.

We once exhibited at an artistic wholesale show in Philadelphia. The man in the booth across from us was being very successful at selling sterling silver pendants that he had made in the shape of leaves. They were not fancy, but they sold like hotcakes. Use your creative thinking to come up with ideas for products and then step back and analyze your ideas objectively.

Look around to see what is selling. Determine what people want. You can ask retailers and wholesalers about what items are selling the best. Styles and color preferences change so try to stay current with what is in style. Many designers believe that they can create the new “in” thing, but on a large scale, this takes a lot of money and influence. This does not mean that you can not make a lot of money with you products. Many designers make lots of money in their niche markets.

Research to find out what is being done. Use your creativity to come up with ways to do things a little differently. Sometimes small changes make the biggest difference. Radical changes are not usually accepted by the majority of the consumers. Contrary to the “be true to yourself” way of thinking, to make the most money, you have to appeal to as many people as possible.

John and Kay Jacobs have been successfully making and selling their own products for 15 years. They operate a booming internet business selling stone beads and pearls. Their experiences selling at wholesale and retail shows and on the internet gives them an excellent insight into successfully making and selling hand-made products.

The combination of Kay's creativity and John's logic has made them a Platinum Power Seller on eBay and one of the most respected sellers in their field. Now John is sharing the lessons that they have learned the hard way to help others succeed in making money from their hand-made products.


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