An Entrepreneur - Have I Got What it Takes?

Lee Lister

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I believe that business is equal parts of inspiration, hard work and luck. There is a famous saying “ I find that the harder I work, the luckier I get!"

To discover what makes a successful entrepreneur – let’s look at what you have to do to start a new company and make it successful. You will need:
* Inspiration: to find a product or service that will sell.
* Business Sense: to set up and keep your business running smoothly.
* Marketing Knowledge: to understand how to package everything together so that people recognize it and more importantly by it.
* Determination: to get through the bad times, the trying times and the times when you think that all is lost.
* Perseverance: to keep going at the beginning, to get your product in front of the people who will influence or guide your business and not least to sell the new product into a new market.
* Flexibility: in order to keep changing and reacting positively to changes that are imposed upon you.
* Survival Spirit: building a business is hard work, can risk all you hold dear but can also be the most rewarding thing you ever do.

Other ingredients for a good business are obviously a great product, good funding and legal security.

Of the above – business sense and marketing knowledge can be purchased through consultancy – and we indeed provide this for many small and medium sized companies – or you can learn it. The other skills are character traits that you usually have are born with but of course you can still develop these and indeed being an entrepreneur will certainly hone these abilities.


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