Divapreneurs At Work: How Women Can Use Their Nurturing Trait to Generate Sales

Leesa Barnes

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As a woman, you're so good at addressing the needs of your family or your community.

If your child gets hurt on the monkey bars, you rush in to make it better. If your church needs volunteers for a bake sale, you're the first to put your hand up. If your local food bank appeals for more non-perishable items, you're the first in line at the grocery store.

You are able to find needs in everything around you, yet you stumble when it comes to your own business.

It's time to use your sixth sense for your business as well. Look for a need, then address it by developing a product or service.

  • Don't just launch yet-another-virtual-assistant company. Ask your target audience what's missing, then fill that need.

  • Don't write yet-another-ebook on a topic that's been beaten to death. Instead, ask your clients what their biggest problem is then fill that need with a well-researched information product.

  • If you notice spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in someone's writings, send them a quick email offering your editing services.

  • Don't just become yet-another-professional-organizer. Instead, ask busy people why they would hire someone to organize their space, then start your business satisfying that need.

When someone tells you they have a need and you offer your services, don’t look at this as a hard sell. Look at this as a smart sell.

While you may be a great mom or a great volunteer, it's now time to use your nurturing trait for your business as well. Your prosperity depends on this.

Leesa Barnes, Chief Divapreneur™, helps women start a new business or launch an idea on a shoestring budget. Through her coaching programs, speaking engagements and interactive workshops, Leesa is on a mission to help 10,000 women become their own boss by 2010, even if they lack the confidence or start-up capital to do so. Sign up for the Divapreneurs At Work ezine by visiting http://www.savialane.com and receive a F R E E ebook called The One Thing 85 Women (and One Man) Used to Build a Profitable Business (And It Ain't Money).


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