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Larissa researched many home based possibilities for entrepreneurial success. She encountered MLM marketing, envelope stuffing, online surveys and a host of other “opportunities" that simply were not sustainable. They were risky especially if you relied on them for money to live. Larissa worked at a large courier company as a receptionist and started to realize, if she was going to get out of her job and become independently earning her own money, she would have to really find something authentic and real.

I'm sure you have encountered the generic possibilities available for people wanting a home based income. They are many but they have one thing in common. They are all drip feed incomes designed to make the parent company lots of money, not necessarily the joining affiliate. Becoming an entrepreneur is a hollow proposition. Its just a romantic word in most peoples minds without any real conception of what it actually is. Many of these companies offering stay at home income use emotive words such as entrepreneur to “entice" you to join them and begin making them money.

There's no such thing as an entrepreneur who works for someone else, but that's really what these companies offer, a lower paying job that you can do at home. That's all they really offer. According to the dictionary definition, an entrepreneur is “A person who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a business venture"

So entrepreneurs find opportunities and capitalize on them. That's the meaning of being an entrepreneur, we do projects and not work for a living. We essentially make deals. Larissa worked hard to discover the right information to get her own entrepreneurial career off the ground and understood intuitively that these empty “opportunities" offered by these drip feed companies were really not what she envisaged when she decided to become a wealthy home based entrepreneur. If the “opportunities" were that good, why would the company not just hire staff and have them carry out the work and keep all the profits instead of share with affiliates? Because they really are not that profitable that's why.

Larissa discovered that entrepreneurs focused on value and compounding. They usually specialized and manufactured returns for themselves that initially are small and equal to low risk however these returns grew rapidly as the scale of their activities grows in size and value. Project after project the resulting profits are re-invested for bigger and bigger returns.

You see, Larissa realized that entrepreneurs make money. That's their sole purpose and its the one reason behind all their activities. They are not particularly interested or motivated by any particular product or service. They see a deal, they take it. Entrepreneurs have VISION.

Martin is a professional investor and Entrepreneur. If you would like to discover more about being an entrepreneur, you can read “The Million Dollar Mentor" by Hayden Muller. Martin recommends this work highly and has used the very concepts contained in the work for his own successful entrepreneurial activities.

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