What You Need To Know About Photocopier Leasing

Lora Davis

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The availability of canon copy machine rentals is one way of ensuring that you don’t have to die down your capital with an initial outright purchase; even though it may appear like the overall outlay may be more with canon copiers for rent as opposed to making a purchase; there are a number of good reasons why you may want to choose this new method of financing office equipment such as copiers and printers. Affordable canon rentals has become a well-established and tax efficient means if financing and enabling an easier and cost-effective trade up with the latest technology as and when it comes into the market.

For most business, the purchase of a photocopier and other important office equipment such as printers, folding machines and shredders is a huge investment; this is not only because of the large sums of money that are associated with it but the fact that whatever you buy will become obsolete in just a few years even before it outlives its lifespan. This makes canon copy machine rentals a smart alternative with a number of good business sense advantages that you cannot overtake in any way.

Budgeting: If you are running a business, it goes without saying that you earn your revenue over the cause of time; this makes canon copiers for rent a better alternative so that you can be paying as you use. You don’t have to starve all other areas of your business of the much needed cash when you can make use affordable canon rentals to make small manageable payments. The good news about this kind of payment is that it will not be affected by any changes in interest rates which mean that you can accurately plan for all your lease payments in advance. Because of this predictability you can forecast your cash flow and the cost of using can easily be compared with your projected profits and revenue that will be generated by the use of the copier.

Tax efficiency: Affordable Formax rentals have the capacity to reduce your overall tax bill since the cost is deductible as a business expense thereby reducing the net cost of leasing the equipment. This is an important factor that will help you determine whether it canon copiers for rent are more affordable than buying. When you choose to buy a photocopier or printer you are allowed to claim 40% of the purchase price against tax during the first year and thereafter at the rate of 25% of the outstanding balance. On the other hand, when you choose the direction of Canon large format printers for rent you will not be required to pay the cost of the printer or photocopier immediately and you are allowed to reclaim everything that you will pay out using a ‘by payment’ basis whether it is monthly, quarterly or annually.

Upgrading technology: It is an open secret that a printer or photocopier is a business asset whose value appreciates; IT stuff is known to depreciate faster than any other purchased asset in the office. You want to save your purchases for assets that appreciate or depreciate less; with canon copy machine rentals you will always have up to date office equipment.


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