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In almost all cases customers come to your business because they have a problem and believe that you may have the solution. Whether you do, or whether you can build enough trust with the customer to let them solve their problem is up to you.

In the day to day workings of a business some things can be out of your control, but building customer relationships should always be in your control. You can make alot of excuses like: Well there are larger competitors; We can not provide the same service; We have different clients; We don't cater to those types of customers. What types of customers? Have you made some assumptions about your customers? Perhaps there are more reasons as to why they are standing before you.

The most successful businesses build relationships with customers. Oh well we've heard that before. A relationship should be an ability to understand why that exact customer has chosen you and given you an opportunity to show them why they chose you and make them feel good. Having left your business with a memorable and positive impression is the most important thing.

Some good rules and ?'s to follow in developing more customers are:

Build a relationship with the customer.

Understand their situation.

Emphathize with their concerns.

What are their concerns?

Why do they have these concerns?

What solutions have they tried?

Why are they in your store?

What are 2-3 solutions to solve their problem?

Let them make the final decision, let them own the decision.

Just help them with the process.

That is all they desire, they do not want to be sold, they are tired of being sold things they do not need. Give them the information to buy the product they WANT.

Once you do this you will have a happy customer that will be more willing to tell other people about your business, and isn't that what it is all about. Till next time.

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