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A satisfied customer brings ten more. This old law of business is often forgotten by business people to earn some quick buck. Many companies still believe in the policy of ‘plunder with a tongue of honey’. Such companies are actually legal thugs and eventually earn the wrath of the customers. They publish juicy ads which make your tongue hungry with desire. Their marketing persons display all the charms they can just to hook you. Once you are hooked they don’t leave a chance to make more and more money from you. A common customer always feels cheated with such tactics and starts hating the company. As soon as he gets an opportunity he wants to get away from the company. Some companies don’t want to realise that dissatisfied customers are hitting them very hard. Seeds of future failure are being sown today. Such companies may succeed but only till there is a better and customer-friendly competitor. And to woo back the faith of a lost or angry customer is almost impossible.


It is true that a person generally ventures in business with an aim to earn money. When you invest a lot you expect a lot more in return. Businessmen never consider themselves social servants. They are in business to earn big money to meet their immense physical and psychological needs. But when your business is customer-oriented you must learn to have tight control over your wishes for money. Because a customer too has a wish of his own and if you don’t satisfy it he won’t like to shell money out of his picket. Then how will you be able to fulfil your dream of earning more and more. Concentrating too much on big profit may lead your business venture to breakdown. Your business can’t afford the hatred of a customer. A customer neither knows nor wants to think about your wish. Instead he is obsessed with his own wishes. So never hurt the faith or the emotion of a customer with your greed.


Henceforward, forget your wishes and dreams and give top priority to the wishes of your customers. And you have got the secret of leadership in market. Make or sell a product that satisfies the emotional and physical needs of a customer. The customer will flock to you, and shower truckloads of money.

Every customer needs a good product. A product should not only have quality but it should also be wisely priced. A customer must be able to get maximum value out of it. Then comes the importance of service. If the service of a company is not good the customers hesitate to buy the products even if they are of super quality. Therefore a product must be customer-oriented in every way if it is to be sold successfully. In the jungle of business eventually only those persons survive who satisfy a customer like they satisfy their own hunger.


No one will argue with the fact that impressive publicity plays a good role in the sale of a product. The contents of an advertisement must be able to motivate a customer telling that he is getting a wonderful opportunity to get the best value for his hard-earned money. But advertisements aimed at fooling a customer prove very harmful in the long run. If a customer doesn’t get promised value he definitely feels cheated and defame the company everywhere.


To sell your product or service you need to be proficient in the art of convincing your prospective customers. You talk to them politely and help them change minds till they become inclined towards the thing you are selling. For a newcomer it seems a very difficult task and thus most of the persons like to opt for a comfortable office job. Marketing is really a challenging job in today's competitive atmosphere. It is also very remunerative.

The most difficult time for a salesperson is to convince someone who has already made his mind to buy a particular brand or thing. If a person has yet to decide you can sow the seed by highlighting the important features of your product or service. In brief you can easily make him willing to buy from you. Undecided customers also get interested in you once they get more information. But most of the salespersons want to know how to deal with a person who has already made up his mind, and constantly resists a sales talk.

1. Keep Patience

Many salespersons lose patience whenever they find a customer who has already made up his mind to buy a different product. Such customers often get irritated when they are pressurised with a sales pitch. At this moment a salesperson becomes hopeless and abandons his effort in the middle. If he ruthlessly tries he just ends up in severely antagonising a prospective customer. In this territory only those salespersons win who know how to keep their temperament cool under stressful situation. So the first step is to keep the hold of your patience.

2. Talk in his language

The second step is to understand the mind of a customer and talk in the language he likes. In marketing science it means talk on a subject he likes, appreciate his tastes, approve his decisions. Talk like a friend. If your customer is interested in cricket talk about it and admire his favourite cricket player. Admire his favourite movie star. Say a few words by appreciating his thinking and personality. As soon as you are able to create such rapport he will be able to respond in a positive manner. Now the ground of his mind is fertile and you can sow the seed of your idea.

3. What a Customer Wants

By acting according to the interests of your customer you are able to know what a prospective customer wants in a product. Then, as a final step, in casual manner (never press upon any thing) tell how your product or service is more valuable - cheaper, durable, of high quality whatever he needs. Slowly but surely the person will join you in your thinking as you have joined his. He will start showing his interest in your product. If a need arises be ready for a second, third or more visits.

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