Stimulate Customer Curiosity

Cathy Stucker

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Want to get prospects to read all of your marketing message? Want to generate interest and motivate them to action? Awaken their curiosity!

A great example of this is the direct mail package put out by Boardroom Publications. They offer exciting news and benefits, with the page number where you can find out the details. Of course, to get to that page, you have to first order the book from them. They get lots of orders from people who want to look up the information they were teased with in the ad.

Get customers itching to know more by engaging them in these ways:

  • Make an outrageous statement that causes them to wonder about who you are and why you think that way.
  • Ask a provocative question that gets them thinking.
  • Pose a puzzle or a riddle.
  • Tantalize them with a chance to get something free, learn something new, or get something more.

Leave them wanting more, but with a call to action. Tell them how they can satisfy their curiosity by reading your book, visiting your Web site, coming to your workshop, or whatever it is you want them to do. Then, deliver what you promised.

According to the old saying, curiosity killed the cat-but it can build your success.

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The Rise And Fall Of Curiosity
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