A Good Work Ethic: What Is It?

Carl Mueller

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Having a good work ethic can take you a long way in your career.

I’ve seen numerous references to the historical meaning of phrases like “good work ethic” and rather than getting bogged down in various interpretations of what it means, the reality is that employers tend to look favorably on staff who are considered to have a strong work ethic.

People often refer to someone as having a good work ethic when they work hard however I think there is a lot more to having a good work ethic than just this.

I’ve found that showing your colleagues and superiors that you care and have a good attitude with regards to your work can help you build a good reputation that carries you far.

To me, having a good attitude goes hand in hand with having a good work ethic.

I’ve found that it can be easy to exceed the expectations of others simply by being someone who is reliable, diligent and professional. Conversely, having the opposite of these traits can be your quickest way to being seen as a lazy employee who is not held in high regard by others.

These days, companies often get by with fewer staff doing more work so being seen as someone with a good work ethic can really help to distinguish you from others especially during periods of downsizing or conversely when it comes time to promote someone.

To me, having a good work ethic in a modern sense refers to being professional, diligent and caring about your work and the people you work with.

Completing your work on time, not wasting the time of your colleagues, sending professional emails without typos, offering your help to others when they require it. I think these are all hallmarks of people with a strong work ethic.

A positive attitude goes a long way, too.

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