4 Pillars of Resume Writing!!!

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Professional resume writers follow 4 main principles to be followed while crafting a resume. These are called the 4 pillars of resume writing. The four pillars are the very basic thing to be taken care of while writing a resume.

Clean Format

The prime most important thing with resume writing is choosing a format. A resume format should be clean enough that whoever looks at it should understand what you intended to convey through it. Cleanliness is a combination of the font used, the titles, spacing between letters and paragraphs, colours used, page margins and styles. Tweaking font size and margins to adjust resume length should be avoided. A good resume is the one which is clean, short and conveys the message in simple terms.

Compelling Content

A clean format should be backed with professionally written content. You may choose help from your friends or a professional resume writing service as content alone can bring large value to your resume. It is not about filling pages, but it is about conveying your thoughts in the simplest most effective way using the space provided in the resume. The resume should contain within 2 pages, irrespective of the number of years of experience. Even a 20+ years of experienced person can have a good resume within 2 pages.

Strong Presentation

The provoking content should be presented in an apt way. Content is to be arranged based on priority. Make use of the ‘3 quarters of the first page’, this is where the employer first lands his eyes on. Important information like contact, professional social pages, core competencies, experience and technical knowledge should be placed in this quadrant, as this alone can decide on an interview. Unimportant but necessary information like academic qualifications can be pushed to the back page.

Targeted Relevancy

A resume should be tweaked for each job position you apply for. The resume should be targeted based on the job description provided so that it would be easier for a recruiter to short list your resume for an interview. Sending the same resume for different job positions is not a great idea. Hence it is better to write different version of your resume for specific job positions.

A resume when created with these little things in mind will make a huge difference in the look and feel and ultimately bring you better results with relevant short-listing and interviews.

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