Coastal Vacations Director Jay NaPier Suggests New Career for the New Year

Jay NaPier

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So many people get out of bed each morning and go to a job that they do not like, make a small income that does not allow them to provide for their families the way they want to and the new year is the perfect time to resolve to make 2006 the year you raise your standards.

In the past, I’ve worked 90+ hour a week as a restaurant franchise owner to make the same and less income. Coastal Vacations is the best decision I ever made. I would never be able to spend quality time with my family if I had not raised my standards and joined Coastal Vacations. I can typically be found sawing logs at 6AM when most people are getting on their way to work. I get out of bed when I want to and I earn a six figure income from home.

Coastal Vacations is an 11 year old association of entrepreneurs who sell wholesale vacation packages. We have 3 packages including Domestic and International, where you earn $1000 - $9,705 per transaction. The packages include trips and accommodations from major companies in the travel industry, including: Carnival Cruise, Marriott, Alamo, Access, and many more. Plug into our proven turnkey marketing system and start earning thousands your very first month in business

I have worked with top mentors for years. I started his first business at 17, owned his own advertising agency at 20 and owned his first restaurant franchise at 24. My real life business experience can benefit you. I’m not going to blow ANY smoke and offer you a bunch of BS seminars and CDs that aren’t worth the disk they are on like other Coastal Vacations Directors might do.

I’m not looking for just anyone to join my Coastal Vacations Business. I have an process that I use that provides information to potential business partners and that process also allows me to find people who are coachable, trainable and dependable. I’m looking for people who have the same spirit I have, they must have a positive attitude, they must be dead serious to changing their lives and they must be committed to making 2006 the year they broke from of their job.

The internet can be a confusing place, I give my team the recipe for success, with one on one customized training to each team member and I do not charge them an arm and a leg for internet tools.

People who Seriously want to make The New Years Resolution that will change their life should write Coastal Vacations on their 2006 resolution list and give me a call on the 2nd of January. I'll do all the rest.

Jay NaPier is a Level 3 Director with Coastal Vacations. Jay Chose Coastal Vacation because of his passion for travel. Jay has owned his own restaurant franchise, convience store, consulting practice and mlm soy candle company.

Please contact Jay directly at 615-573-2536 for your personal interview. You can learn more about Coastal Vacations business at http"//


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