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In this article, we will take an in-depth look at why new ideas rarely survive within corporate organizations, and how you can counter these factors, and open the way for innovation; thereby creating some very unique and viable career opportunities that you may not have ever considered for yourself previously.

In the current American business culture, it has become habit for new ideas to be shot down before they’ve been given any time to develop and mature. It seems to have become a part of human nature to look first for reasons why something cannot be done, and lastly, if at all, at the merits of actually doing it. The net result is that, far from being encouraged, creativity and ingenuity, once the hallmarks of American business, are actively discouraged.

Without considering the root causes of this backward attitude, what can be done to overcome it?

In many companies, people are emerging at all levels who have a different attitude, one of offering suggestions and solutions to anticipated issues, and thereby adding value to a new idea. They have enough self-confidence and professional curiosity to look at the merits of a proposed product or process, and to brainstorm the possibilities, combining this idea with others, and expanding the scope or direction of the proposal. And they encourage others to give it a try.

In the early stages, emerging ideas require a considerable amount of high level intellectual and technical development. Once an idea has developed to the point where it can be shown to be viable and profitable, it will be a much simpler matter to make a compelling case for the powers that be to consider a proposal.

Naturally, it takes more than just positive thinking and self-confident generosity to change an aspect of any culture. The key to changing any prevailing sentiment or thought process, you must establish and implement an alternative. You must be a leader. Without leadership skills, with which to enlist the emotional and professional support of your peers and subordinates, you will have a very limited impact on the lifespan of innovations in your workplace. Developing a positive, efficient team, dedicated to the idea that they can make a difference, is the only way to make a difference. Ideas can then be developed and nurtured among team members until such time as they are presentable to upper management.

It is unrealistic to believe this kind of activity could be conducted in the current environment without meeting resistance. Adherence to something more than the rules of business or the sanctity of the paycheck is required to succeed. In addition to being organized and consistent, your efforts, and those of your team, also need to be honest and somewhat inspired. Only with that kind of serious personal dedication can you hope to reverse such a prevalent prejudice against new ideas.

You may well conclude that you would be taking a risk with your career at your present company, should you pursue a course of this nature. That is almost certainly true. But the rewards of success in this particular endeavor are great. To have your career linked with the birth of a new industry standard, or the next generation of a product or process - isn’t that what you’re in business for? To quote an old adage, because it’s true: no pain, no gain. Along with ingenuity, the other hallmark of American business is the pioneer spirit. In this case, and as it relates to your current employer and job, the overt creativness you offer yourself and your current employer may well be the path to your new career, despite the challenges you must address along the way.

Good Luck With Your Job Search

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