Life Lesson: Some Thoughts On Work

Joan Pasay

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Most everyone spends a good portion of their days putting their hand to something that will generate the resources they have decided they need, to live the life they have decided they want.

What puzzles me though, is why so many people pick something to put their hand to that leaves them feeling empty inside.

It is really the state of things that we all must grit our teeth and go to work? It is really the state of things that we die a little each morning only to be jolted back alive when we leave the office?

I know a man who is a very senior investment advisor.

-He hates it.

-He makes an above average amount of money.

-He keeps doing it.

-He calls it a ‘grind’.

I've asked him why he doesn't just stop and do something else that will bring some satisfaction, maybe even do something he loves.

He told me ‘satisfaction in what you put your hand to’ is not reality and to stop dreaming.

Stop dreaming? Isn't dreaming what got us the airplane? Isn't dreaming what got us electricity and modern communications? Isn't dreaming what is needed to cure cancer?

I wonder if Albert Einstein ever thought going to work was ‘a grind’.

I wonder if Sir Isaac Newton would roll out of bed with a groan and a big rock in his stomach.

Maybe the reason why so few of us do what we love is because we have all been programmed to think ‘work and love’ don't go together. I think most of us don't even think about the two concepts in the same thought wave. The reality of ‘loving what you do’ doesn't exist in most people's internal scripting.

I know a few people who do what they love. Most of them are hiding and you don't see them very often. These people dwell far out of the mainstream, living in their own reality. I joined them a few years ago after I realized scripts can be rewritten, and my act two and three can be whatever I want them to be.

My coffee bean grinder was made for grinding. Last time I checked, I wasn't.

Joan Pasay is a dynamic e-marketing coach. She spends most of her time coaching her clients on Internet Marketing & Email Marketing best practices. The rest of the time she encourages her clients to do what they love.

Joan just wrote a book about Email Marketing called: Email Marketing Made Easy: How To Get Your Customers To Give You More Of Their Money. For online and offline businesses.

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