How To Kill A Job Prospect In Seconds


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Always tell the truth, no matter what it costs you.

My father taught me that. It's fantastic advice. Not everybody takes it, though, and I certainly can't force you to.

One of the places “truth issues" show up alarmingly often is on resumes.

Lying on resumes is so common, at all levels, students to executives, that it's tough for potential employers to determine whether you're lying or not. But remember one thing before you even consider lying on a resume: You will be found out.


Sometimes, a good interviewer will stumble upon the lie. You'll claim you're an expert in X, but you can't answer any questions about it. At that point, you'll be lucky if he doesn't throw you out.

Sometimes it'll take a while to figure out you fibbed. Sooner or later, though, you'll be called upon to do something you claimed you did before, or to know something you claimed you did. . . and you'll fall flat on your face.

Imagine being in front of a crowd of your peers, bosses, and employees when that happens. If the shame doesn't drive you from the room, the pink slip will.

Sometimes the lie is so big (like claiming a degree from a school that never heard of you, or an inflated GPA, or a fictitious former employer), and your employer has invested so much of its image in you, that it does real harm to you, to your boss, to the company, and to everybody else working there. At that point, you could be looking at jail time.

A much better policy is never to lie on your resume. By all means put your best foot forward, but don't lie, exaggerate, or embellish.

If it isn't verifiably, confidently true, leave it off. Make the best of what you have, and work to have more to say on your next resume.

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