Cessna Caravan Job Opportunities

Matthew Keegan

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Finding employment as a Cessna Caravan “driver" can be a challenge. Plenty of pilots for just a few positions. Fortunately, if you know where to look, you can turn up information right online and save yourself a lot of time and aggravation. The following web sites list opportunities as they become available:

Air Serv International – If humanitarian work interests you, then Air Serv International just may be the organization for you. Air Serv places qualified people in developing countries to provide aviation support to humanitarian groups and other non-profit organizations. Visit www.airserv.org for more information.

Career Builder – This is the largest job opportunity site on the internet, with over one million jobs listed. Aviation opportunities are listed; the site compares favorably with Monster as far as the number of aviation opportunities available. Registration is free and you can post your resume for free as well. Visit www.careerbuilder.com for more information.

Telford Group – As a leader in operating, maintaining, selling and leasing a large number of regional, corporate and private aircraft, including the Cessna Caravan, the Telford Group is worth pursuing exploring for more information. Visit www.telfordaviation.com for details.

Aviation Employment Board – From time to time this large aviation job site lists opportunities for Cessna Caravan pilots. Registration is free and the site is updated regularly. Visit www.aviationemploymentboard.net for more information.

In addition to the above sites, several companies own Cessna Caravan aircraft including Multi-Aero, Inc. ; Candlewood Hotels; Superior Aviation; Tradewind Aviation; Rainbow Jet; and others.

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