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A prominent east coast newspaper recently reported important employment insights from one of the nation's top job-search professionals.

This 2005 article highlights important information consistent with EEI's recommendations. It's a reality check and a wake-up call for anyone serious about getting ahead.

* In a tough job market, those looking for work need to set themselves apart. Nothing does this as well as a face-to-face meeting.

* ‘Many people have a hard time getting out of the starting gate in their search, ’ says John A. Challenger, chief executive officer of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, a top outplacement consulting organization.

* ‘There's an illusion that there has to be some agent, some source out there that has a pool of the best job opportunities, ’ he says. ‘And this agent will go to employers and market my candidacy for me. '

* But the hard truth is that job hunters must be their own advocates.

* ‘Even the most self-assured CEO doesn't like to go out and ask for a job and get rejected, ’ Challenger says. He suggests using ‘some aggressive or unconventional techniques . . . '

* ‘The goal is to contact an action person who will see candidates and extend the offer. Human resources personnel seldom make hiring decisions. '

This article confirms the 21st Century changes in employment marketplace expectations. They require “aggressive and unconventional" alternatives instead of old-fashioned methods.

Executive Excellence International is the world class authority on alternative job search strategies and nin-traditional career advancement techniques. EEI anticipated these changes by several years. We've successfully armed our customers with the sophisticated and assertive tools they need to be winners . . . guaranteed!

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