What's So Special About The Objective Statement?

Carla Vaughan

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Well, if you want to make sure a prospective employer reads your resume, the objective statement can be more than special: It can be critical.

If you are in the market for a new computer and a salesperson asks you what features you are specifically looking for, you may spout off a few details, such as: 512KB RAM, 160 GB hard drive, flat panel monitor, wireless optical mouse or any of a dozen other desired features. The salesperson is much better equipped to find a computer that matches your description if you provide the right kind of information.

The same is true of an objective statement. If you don’t use one, an employer might not be able to figure out what type of position you are seeking.

Do not assume your resume is clear and to the point. Do not assume your cover letter will be able to convey everything, either. The cover letter might not even get read. Even if it does get read, it could very easily get separated from your resume. If that happens, the employer has no lead-in to your resume and it has to stand alone.

It is for this reason that the objective statement becomes critical.

Are you interested in getting hired for a specific position or are you ok with interviewing for any position an employer has available? Most people are relatively specific about the kind of work they want to do. You probably are, too.

That means the employer needs some direction from you.

The objective statement tells the employer what you are interested in. A well written objective statement does it in a way that lets the employer know what you can do for them, too.

What can an objective statement do for you?

It can:

Arouse interest in the rest of the resume
Inject energy and enthusiasm
Express your desire to contribute to the organization
Articulate your knowledge of one or more aspects of the company

Use the objective statement to garner interest in the rest of your resume. Be specific and target every word to the position desired and the employer’s needs.

Employers are not mind readers. They need assistance in making sure your resume is read by the right people for the right job. Your willingness to clearly identify the position you are seeking may make the difference in you getting a phone call for an interview, or your personal history being filed away permanently.

Do it right - and reap the rewards.

~Carla Vaughan

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