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In several related articles I made mention of finding work as a flight coordinator, as a flight attendant, or as a pilot. Each specialty, as you can imagine, has its own requirements, hence the job sites that feature these types of opportunities are not always the same. If you have some idea where to look – besides contacting an employer directly – you can narrow down your searches and, hopefully, shorten the entire job hunting process. The following list contains some of the sites that are most helpful in listing viable opportunities for airline dispatchers.

Aviation Employment Board – This site offers free registration and allows for you to post your resume for free as well. Airlines featured include United, Continental, Trans States, Spirit, Southwest, Northwest, Mesa, EOS, Champion, Pace, and a host of others including many European and Asian carriers. Please visit for more detailed information.

Monster –Monster regularly lists over 800,000 opportunities, including many airline openings. There is no charge to register and you are permitted to list your resume for free as well. Please visit for more information.

Avianation – One of the largest aviation related job sites online, Avianation features a variety of opportunities, including many dispatcher positions. There is a fee involved for their service, currently set at $9.95 per month or $80.55 annually. Occasionally, posted specials drop the price considerably so visit this site for current information: today.

Air Jobs Daily – As one of the leading job posting sites for the aviation industry online, Air Jobs Daily features a variety of opportunities for business and commercial aviation employees. Air Jobs Daily charges an annual fee of $77.95 which also includes a subscription to the Air Jobs Digest, a periodical featuring additional job listings and aviation related information. Please visit for more information.

Hot Jobs – Hot Jobs, owned by search engine giant Yahoo, is an employment site featuring several hundred thousand opportunities, including airline jobs. Registration is free and you may list your resume for free too. Please stop by for more information.

Career Builder – The largest job posting site online is Career Builder which at any given time lists more than one million jobs. Airline jobs, such as flight dispatchers are listed, perhaps not in as abundance as some of the aviation sites, but a good place to look nevertheless. Membership is free and you can list your resume for no charge too. Visit for all the details.

Other sites that feature airline dispatcher opportunities include: AEPS, Plane Jobs, Jet Jobs , and Skyjobs. Please note that most of the paid sites contain the same job opportunities as each of the other sites, therefore belonging to more than one is not cost effective.

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