Job Salary: Avoid the 6 Biggest Mistakes!


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You’re on track to land your dream job. But can you afford it?

Knowing how to handle the money question plagues job seekers. Especially if you’re exploring an opportunity that looks very promising.

You don’t want to jinx the situation by prematurely asking about the salary. On the other hand, if they can’t afford you, you don’t want top waste your time pursuing a hopeless employment goal.

Before you even go to an interview or first meeting with a decision-maker you MUST avoid the compensation pitfalls that can derail your good intentions. Here are the most serious mistakes to avoid.

1. Failing to do your homework. Gather all employment and compensation information you can before you go on an interview.

2. Jumping the gun. In the interest of not wasting your time if they can’t afford you, you decide to pose the salary question right up front. You just lost all negotiating power . . . and probably a job offer.

3. Not taking the time to show the value you bring to the organization. No one will offer you a job or enter into salary negotiations if they can’t see how you can contribute. It’s up to you to make sure they see very specifically how you can make s difference.

4. Lowering your expectations. If an offer is made at a lower level than you expected, don’t take it or leave it. Negotiate it. Tell them you’re thrilled that they think enough of you to offer you a position. Now you want to take the time to consider it in light of other opportunities you’re looking at. Then set up a time to come back.

5. Failing to be flexible. Your goal and that of your prospective employer may be quite different. Your objective is to find out what triggers their interest in you, and then find ways to accommodate them.

6. Losing patience. This usually results in discouragement of abandonment t of an opportunity because they’re not responding according to your timetable. Always ask what their timetable is for making a decision. The go out and pursue a couple more opportunities.

Landing the best job for you requires careful preparation. It doesn’t happen by chance. The best position for you allows you to select your next job rather than settle for it. Avoiding the pitfalls is a first step to your job search success.

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