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Are you happy where you are career wise? Do you genuinely enjoy the work you do? Many people express their unhappiness at their current job, but very little spend the time researching why. Do you enjoy what you do but maybe not the environment or people you surround yourself by? Or, do you wake up day in and out dreading the day and work ahead? Once you determine the source of your unhappiness you can create a plan to move forward. If you are currently unemployed, going through a transition, or dissatisfied at your current job, make the decision to be proactive and find a position that suits you better. It is easier and safer staying “as is", but would taking a risk and pushing your comfort zone be worth it in the long run? There are ways to prepare yourself both emotionally and financially to support your leap forward. Again, you need to first uncover the source of your unhappiness and then you can determine a proper form of action.


1. Looking for a job

If you are in the position of looking for a job, there are some simple tips to get you started. Make a list this week of everything and anything that sparked your interest in the past. Did you briefly consider teaching? Have you always wanted to be an architect? Make a list and then write a paragraph stating what you would enjoy about each profession.

2. Open doors of opportunity

Once you have a detailed master list, circle your top 3 choices. Of these 3, what steps would you need to take to move forward? Who would you need to contact? Would you need to get more education or schooling? Who can you call that could give you information on the job specifics? This is the research phase.

3. Create deadlines and get out there!

First off, write down a date that you will accomplish specific tasks. Next, you need to ‘get out there’ and talk talk talk. Network with friends, past colleagues, family, business contacts about what you are looking for and if they have any leads for you. The more people you talk with, the more likely the chance of being guided in the right direction.

If you would like more information on creating a “specific" map to find your ideal job, contact Leslie at

Have a great week!

Leslie Gail is a Certified Life Coach and owner of New Life Focus Coaching. Leslie specializes in working with clients in transition, moving them forward by prioritizing, setting boundaries and creating goals. Contact Leslie at (303) 779=-731 or for a FREE coaching consult!


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