An Action Plan for the Job Search

Carla Vaughan

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To be successful to today’s competitive marketplace, you need to have an action plan in place to help maintain your job-search momentum, keep you organized and ensure you have everything ready when it comes time to meet the prospective employer face to face.

If you have an action plan for reaching prospective employers, you are doing well. Many people never reach that level of effectiveness. It is so easy to simply send out resumes and hope someone calls rather than take positive actions which complement the process of finding a job.

If you are one of the multitudes who don’t know an action plan from an anemone, then read the remainder of this article to ensure your job search success.

You Need an Action Plan

First, you need to define your exact job search goal. What kind of job do you want? What type of organization do you want to work for? How much money do you plan to make? Do you need health benefits? How many hours do you expect to work? The more specific you get, the better you will be able to determine if a job offer (down the road) meets your desired goals or not.

Second, identify what objective need to be accomplished in order to achieve that goal. You will need a great resume in most all instances, an awesome cover letter, perhaps a sheet detailing your salary history, a list of references and perhaps more. Those are items you will need at the very least. You may have other needs as well depending upon the industry in which you plan to be working.

Third, describe the specific tasks that need to be done to achieve each objective. When you break each objective down into smaller tasks, it becomes much easier to handle.

Finally, remember than finding a job isn’t easy. It isn’t supposed to be easy. Finding a job is hard work. Take it seriously and you will be rewarded. When you have an Action Plan , you will be well ahead of your competitors.

Carla Vaughan, Owner/Webmaster

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