Looking for a Job is Like a Day at the Beach!


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Those who at one time or another have been laid off from a job and found themselves looking for a new one know that sometimes the pressure and uncertainty of these times can leave you feeling unsupported in your need for confidence and security.

At a time when your ability to present your skills, experience and other positive traits is being called upon, you may wonder where your confidence and poise are hiding. And if the situation isn't difficult enough, as time wanes, you may find yourself feeling greater pressure and less certain of your qualifications in a fast-changing business world.

The pressing need for income and the personal “disconnect" that often accompanies the situation doesn't feel good. More importantly, perceiving the job search process as a struggle or challenge probably doesn't support you in bringing your best energy, clarity or enthusiasm that are needed to create your greatest success. After all, attitude, if not everything, shows up loudly and clearly at each interview. It's what shows through not only between each sentence you speak, but also between each word as well. It's your confidence and attitude that create the greatest impression with an interviewer.

But, as I always remind clients, these times of challenge are also perfect opportunities for practicing a different way of bringing yourself to your career – for getting clear and connected to your strengths and bringing these strengths “full on" into your life.

Afterall, when you are connected, you are unstoppable! So what can you do to stay connected and avoid sliding down into the valley of disconnect?

Here's a suggestion.

Why not look at the job search process as simply a day at the beach? Embrace the opportunity to turn what may seem a struggle into an energizing and positive experience!

  1. Feel the warmth of the sun. Take stock of your strengths, skills sets, interests and experience. Connect with the positive feeling of these assets and bring this connection to all job conversations.
  2. Breathe in the fresh air. Get clear and connected to your values and your most powerful sense of what you bring to the world. It's not about just thinking it. It's about “connecting" to these feelings.
  3. Know that you have found the perfect beach and are exactly where you want to be. Trust yourself and know that every experience has something wonderful to teach you.
  4. Look out to the horizon – to the beautiful day that surrounds you. Write a vision – a description in present tense of what you know you want to happen. Don't be concerned if you don't know all the details right now. Write about the pieces you do know (i. e. , the level of satisfaction you want to feel, or maybe the type of work you will be doing, how the pay will feel, the commute, etc. ).
  5. Basque in the feeling of contentment. Read and imagine this vision three times each day. Feed your mind the picture that anchors and supports you in claiming your happiness.
  6. Find your best spot for creating your day at the beach (i. e. on a towel in the sun, splashing in the ocean waves, or in a lounge chair under an umbrella). Choose methods and strategies that feel right to you.
    • Network with friends – Call three friends or associates in the industry and ask if they know of a great job connection for you. Then ask for three names of people they know who might be good contacts for you.
    • Check on-line job boards. A simple on-line search on “jobs" or “job search" or websites such as www.monster.com can be a great start.
    • Check newspapers and trade journals for job listings. Along with pointing you to places to send your resume, they sometimes offer great networking contacts.
Make your life your own. Enjoy each moment. And bring the best of YOU to your job search.

Trish Pratt is a certified professional coach and consultant who helps people breakthrough their limiting patterns and beliefs. As a vision and pattern expert , she inspires, educates and empowers clients to take their careers, businesses and lives to higher levels of satisfaction. Visit http://www.MomentumCoaching.com to learn more about creating breakthroughs in your career.


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