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Have you thought about your logo colors and what they stand for? If you're like most people, the answer is no. Many people simply choose colors that they like, or colors that feel good. One CEO I know likes his designers to use the colors of his alma mater in the designs he was given. But colors have meaning and choosing the right colors for your logo can better convey your brand. For example, many banks, insurance companies and investment firms use blue and gray as their corporate colors because these colors represent stability, trustworthiness, and conservative ideas. While health clubs, spas, and specialty resorts often use green because it represents health, growth, and tranquility. When choosing your logo, take the time to think through what colors represent what your company stands for - then use them.

Resolution is an important component of design. Why would anyone spend so much time and energy, and maybe even money, on a logo or other graphic design only to have it show up poorly when it is displayed? Resolution means how clearly your logo will appear in different applications. The higher the resolution, the better the clarity, and there are different file formats provide different levels of definition.

A . gif file is for the internet and is not high resolution. A . bmp file can be used as a screen graphic and is also low resolution. A . tiff file is used for printing photos and is very high resolution. Remember that the higher the resolution, the more memory will be required.

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