Branding on a Budget

Cathy Stucker

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Small Dogs Press is a new publishing house. In addition to selling their first title, “She's the Girl, " Small Dogs wants to create awareness of their brand. Here's what publisher Susan Sabo has to say about some creative (and inexpensive) ways to do so:

"I've spent as much time and effort on brand marketing for Small Dogs Press as I have for my individual title that's about to come out. Totes are good, hats, sweatshirts, bumper stickers . . . the possibilities are all over the place. "

"I made up bumper stickers for company branding: they say “I do bad things for love, " (the line comes from one of the books, and relates to the fiction we publish, but it's a long story). Boy, is THAT a conversation starter. Of course, people's first thoughts go right into the gutter (LOL) but that's OK, because once they start to ask questions they become quite intrigued by the tagline and the company, and therefore, the books. I have one of these on my car (and have forced them on all my friends), and when I take them to book fairs, I hand them out for free. People literally chase me down to get one. The sticker also includes my URL (, and my web traffic spikes likes mad after one of these outings. "

Along with the branding of Small Dogs Press, Susan is actively promoting their first book. According to Susan, “I have a tank top for “She's the Girl" that says “be the girl" on the front, with my URL on the back. These have been really successful in starting conversations as well. People often ask where I got it. I just spin around, they take note of the URL, and sometimes ask to buy one. "

"I wear one of my “products" as often as possible when going out. And I'm stopped all the time by people wanting to know what they're about, " says Susan.

Small Dogs Press created fun products with catchy slogans to grab the attention of readers. Can you come up with a tagline and/or image to put on t-shirts, bumper stickers, coffee mugs, magnets, note pads and other products? Not only will they bring you more customers, the products may become a profit center themselves.

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