System Integration: Will You Handle It Yourself?


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When you need system integration, do you handle it yourself or pass it on to a specializing firm? If you are one of the many that handle this process yourself, you may want to rethink just why you do this and if it is the right choice for you. Many skilled individuals even pass off the process to others simply because of the time and investment that is needed. What do you do with your system integration needs?

Here are some things to question about whether or not you should be handling these needs or looking for someone else to do it.

  • Beyond everything else, knowledge is power. If you are not sure you can handle the task in front of you, then finding someone that can is an easy reason to look elsewhere. There are any number of companies that can provide knowledgeable service to your needs.

  • But, that is not all in the least. Consider your time investment. How much time will it take to allow you to handle all of the system integration that you need? Not just the actual input but the time for planning, for installing, testing and configuring? This all adds up to one costly time expense.

  • You may be thinking that you can just pass the task on to an employee. Let’s just assume he does know what he is doing. This too is a large investment in time. Just think about the things he could be accomplishing here. Your time or his time, it makes no difference. You need high quality results in a good time frame.

  • Also, consider the expense. You will be paying someone to handle the integration. You will be paying for the integration. And, you’ll likely be paying highly when it doesn’t go as planned.

    System integration is something that you can easily have a firm come in and do for less stress, less cost and fewer problems down the road.

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