Gum Removal in Air Terminals


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So many people use air terminals for their travel that it is virtually impossible to avoid finding gum throughout the terminal. Adding to the problem of gum removal in air terminals is the fact that even in the terminals’ shops and stores, chewing gum is sold. Chewing gum machines allow people to buy gum easily, without having to set foot in one of the stores. Children chew it throughout the terminal, and they are more prone to leaving these little “gifts" than adults are (and they are quite prone to it as well). The only solution is gum removal in air terminals.

The challenges to gum removal in air terminals:

Gum removal in air terminals can be time consuming and expensive, tying up cleaning crews and cleaning contractors. Chewing gum pollution sticks to everything and leaves stained carpets, making it necessary to got through the immense trouble of removing gum from carpet. This is also time consuming and can be expensive. Additionally, chewing gum soiling can leave stains and dark, ugly spots, even after the gum has been removed. This requires even more supplies of cleaning products to deal with the stain removal.

Another challenge to gum removal in air terminals has to do with the never-ending supply of deposited gum wads. After all, it is nearly impossible to stop people using chewing gum. They chew it to help their ears adjust to pressure changes associated with increased elevation while flying. Gum is chewed to freshen the breath. Parents give it to children to keep them occupied and quiet while they wait for their flights. Every time the gum is cleaned up, it appears again, in a different place, waiting to cause aesthetic problems and health problems. Even causing bigger annoyances, such as stained clothing.

The solution is to find a product that is successful at removing gum, but that will not break the bank as so many commercial cleaners do. Gum removal in air terminals is the job of the cleaning crew, and with the proper cleaning products, they can save time and complete their jobs more efficiently. Traditional gum removal remedies are not the answer. Have you ever tried to remove gum from carpet after using one of those freezing agents? It still takes time and a great deal of effort. On the other hand, Gum-Out, which has been on the market for 20 years, and is a major contribution to cleaning technology, offers a solution that can help remove gum, even from carpets, much more easily.

Gum-Out release agent is applied by a special plastic injector, and breaks the bond between the gum wad and the surface into which it is stuck. And it is fairly low-cost. Gum-Out can be ordered at and provides a neat and easy way to keep air terminals free of chewing gum pollution. Each bottle of Gum-Out if used as directed will remove up to 125 lumps of chewing gum.

J O'Neal guides you through the chewing gum removal process. Learn the facts before you decide which gum removal product to buy. Discover more about cost effective chewing gum removal techniques at: gum removal


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