Office Chairs Can Be Custom Ordered to Fit Any Users Needs and Style


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There is a vast array of choices in the custom ordered office chair arena. You can choose from colors, upholstery options, frame types and adjustability features on your custom chair. There are many different options and quite a few things to consider when choosing the perfect chair for you.

Most task chairs come standard in black, navy, burgundy, gray and dark green. Other color choices are available but are usually only available in a custom model. Custom chair models can be manufactured in leather, vinyl, and a huge variety of fabrics from 100 percent cotton to synthetic fibers. Fabric choices usually have the largest selection if you are looking for that exact color match or the perfect pattern to compliment your decor.

Chairs are now being made in modern, contemporary and wild and funky styles. Mesh style seating covers are the most widely searched and the most commonly seen in design elements such as advertisements, tv shows and high end corporate buildings. Even popular cable shows like Comedy Centrals, The Daily Show, has the guests sitting in a mesh executive office chair with rolling casters.

Leather upholstery can also come in a variety of colors, styles and grades from top grain to standard cowhide leather and price should be reflective of quality. Leather can be harder to care for but gives the true executive style feel to the chair. Vinyl is also an option for many models and can be easily cleaned and cared for, while offering lower pricing options than leather models.

Some custom models can be ordered with your choice of colors for both the chair frame and the wheels and casters. You can usually choose from a black, aluminum or titanium style base and frame. The casters are also available with the options of hard carpet casters, soft hardwood casters or floor glides. Choosing the correct caster is important in making sure that the chair functions well in your workspace.

Making sure to have the right adjustability features is important and in today’s office chair, many great ergonomic features are available. You can have your choice of seat and arm height adjustment, tilt control and locking mechanisms, headrest options, lumbar support bars or gel seat cushions for extra comfort in your office chair.

With all of the options available in office chairs today, it is easy to find the perfect chair for you with all of the features necessary to be comfortable and relaxed while seated. Shop around and check out the features of different models to make sure that you are getting the chair with everything you desire.

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