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Expanding your company to a new city is a giant step. There are many important decisions to make about your location, employees, financial needs and how you will best benefit your clients. If your remote employees will be working from home or their cars for the most part, you can provide them with access to a local branch of your company without paying high rent or buying expensive office equipment. Here are two options:

Renting a Virtual Office for Your Employees

Providing a local virtual office for your remote employees is one way to help their daily tasks go more smoothly. A virtual office is designed to help employees who work either from home or operate out of their vehicle most of the day by providing a local business presence and convenient location for part-time office tasks. Rather than using their home mailing address and phone number, your employees are able to use a local business address and phone number provided by the virtual office services.

Virtual Office Benefits

Your sales force will be able to operate professionally and can use the virtual office to perform vital tasks that might not be possible otherwise. For example, many virtual office services provide part-time access to a fully-equipped office. Your employees can use the office to make phone calls, send and receive faxes, make copies and perform other important office tasks. This works well for your work-at-home employees who live in the suburbs and are unable to drive back and forth to meet clients or perform office tasks.

The virtual office provides a convenient, central location for all your employees to use when they need it. Conference rooms are also available for times when your employees might need to meet with clients or with each another to discuss weekly or monthly goals. A virtual office is usually very inexpensive, and your employees will appreciate the convenience.

Renting a Business Center for Your Employees

a Business Center is another option that enables you to provide a local work area for your employees. Unlike a virtual office, a Business Center is a fully serviced and equipped office that can be used either part-time or full-time by your employees. Your employees will be furnished with their own desk and workspace, phone, computer and a centralized area for making copies, sending faxes, etc. Phone answering services are often provided as well as a receptionist to greet clients.

If you need an established office for your employees without the hassle of purchasing office equipment, paying high rent and furnishing your own office, a Business Center is a great alternative. You'll also have opportunities for growth as well. If you outgrow a small office area, you might be able to secure a larger office in the same building.

Business Center Benefits

Some of the benefits of renting a Business Center include the ability to provide a prestigious location for your employees as well as a safe, clean environment for working. Your employees will have up-to-date equipment at their fingertips. You can move in quickly and be open for business in a matter of days. Your employees are able to work closely together in a friendly environment. You can also rent office setups where a large, private office is available for the manager of your team. Cubicle workstations might be available to give your employees a private working area.

There are a couple of drawbacks to using these two services. You are not in control of the design and furnishings of your office or the type of equipment used. You are not able to remodel or add to your office, but some office providers will work closely with you to make sure you have everything you need.

Your employees will work harder and more efficiently with the right equipment and a great working atmosphere. Your company will be more profitable when employees are at their best.

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