Sales Success Tip - You MUST Know the Answer to This Question

Greg Beverly

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Most sales professionals know that one of the secrets to successful sales is asking good questions. Many times however, the most important question is the question you must ask of yourself.

"What? Ask myself questions? You mean in the middle of a conversation with my customer?" No, no, nothing that drastic. Not that drastic, but certainly incredibly effective.

You have to ask yourself what your purpose is. Certainly, your purpose is to make money…to make money for yourself and also for your company. But for the most successful sales pros I have ever met or have ever personally encountered as a customer, it's about more than that. It has to be. Think about this. The last time you had an encounter with a customer who gave you the impression that his/her #1 goal was simply to make a sale and book the profits, what was your reaction? If you are like me, you ran like the wind and didn't look back.

So, given that making money is a noble pursuit and one that you should definitely be focused on in your sales career, how do you avoid situations such as this? Well, the truth is, even though making money can be your #2, #3 or any other goal, the most successful sales pros are the ones that truly care about their customer and meeting their needs and their wants. Your goal should always be that your customer leaves your encounter better off than they were before it occurred. And by the way, if you are selling a product or service that you cannot legitimately feel good about, you need to start your search for another product or service today.

Before every customer encounter, you should ask yourself this question and be perfectly clear so that you can relate it orally and through your attitude and actions. Otherwise, customers, who are generally skeptical without any help, will become even more so and your chances for improving both your lives drops to nearly nil.

Your customer will see the difference. Your results will see the difference. Ironically, by focusing less on your goal of making more money, you'll actually make more money. You'll sell more and you'll have more happy customers who are more likely to offer up referrals when you ask. Besides, you'll sleep better at night knowing that both you and your customer are better for your transaction.

Greg Beverly, CPA, MBA has more than 21 years experience helping others to be the best they can be. He has helped thousands achieve their sales goals and their goals in life. As an author, teacher, mentor and helper, he desires to see everyone reach their true potential. You can learn how to live your dreams by visiting


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