Making Money By Enjoying Making Craft In Low Cost


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If you enjoy making various craft and you spend a lot of you day hours making craft, why don’t you make your hobby as your money making machine?

There has been for a long time people searching for something that working for making money but keep staying in pleasure. It is hard for many people to have those opportunity run at the same time. But if you have a skill making craft, that is the great opportunity to make money in pleasure.

How could you do those matters at the same time? Easy. Keep creative in making craft, create something unique that no other people could imagine. Produce one model for each item for one idea and take the picture of it. Give code number for each model in order to remember the model you have ever created. Make some models that really your creation and very unique. In this way you don’t need to produce many items for each model as stock. This time you only have model as samples, you just produce 5 to 10 for each model. If your customer desire to order the product, you just produce the product in mass amount.

Now is time to convert your models into profit. Make a list for your models with some columns for Product name or ID, dimension size, price, other important information you can arrange. You use this list as catalogue for your craft.

Promote your product to some magazines, newspapers or brochures around your local area. Reserve for ads places for some circulation to make people see your ads for several times. It usually it takes some cost for promotion.

You can use internet as promotion. Just build a website or just a blog, and you can start promotion your product without spend much money. Using internet or online promotion as promotion tool is more effective than offline promotion. You such open your store 24 hour a day and no closing day or day off. Because your visitor can see your product anytime, anywhere even international.

Provide contact form as communication tool for your visitor in order to ask for some questions or taking order. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) link suppose to be a mandatory link in your website to facilitate your visitor to common asked question. Describe you and your business in profile page to make your visitors as your prospects know who you are and trust to your business.

By this business model you don’t need to invest a lot of money and keeping money in stock for unsure order in the future. This method suit for you especially who start running business for the first time.

Yuyud, Running Craft Business in Bevel Craft

You can have guideline in start bloggin in : How to Create Your Own Blog


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