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From the very beginning of the internet, people have tried to think of ways to make money. The allure of having so many potential customers without the expense of having a building, paying utilities, hiring employees and commuting to work has thousands of people, yet, hundreds of thousands of people dreaming that they too could get rich by marketing on the internet.

The success stories of Ebay, YouTube, Yahoo, and Google have people of all ages, races, and locations dreaming that they too, will one day make it big. All it takes is the right idea, the right product, or the right website and you can be living the life of Bill Gates. Each day, thousands of websites are created with this as the goal.

There have been millions of informational products sold that will tell you how the author made $42, 619 in one month without doing anything but working ten minutes per day. The purchaser will buy one product and when that idea does not work, she will buy another and then another. The only person that is getting rich is the author that is selling the useless information.

Don’t get me wrong, there is some good information out there that would be beneficial to the beginner, but if you will do a little research, most of it you can find out for free. I have not found any product that will teach me how to get rich by only working a few minutes a day. If anyone wants to send me any legal product that will make me rich by only working very little, feel free to do so. I will try it out and if it works, I will pay you for the information and give you a good review on my website. However, if it does not work, well, I will review it also.

There are a couple of ways that have worked for me in the past.

Ebay is probably one of the quickest ways to make money that I have found. If you have items to sell that people actually want, within just a couple of weeks, you can be bringing in money. The hard part is finding the items to sell. Many people go to garage sales and storage building sales to find items to list there. There are also many companies that will even dropship items to your customer so that you do not have to carry an inventory. Finding a good wholesale distributor can be difficult, because there is a lot of garbage out there that you have to search through.

Adsense is also a good way to make some money. If you have a website, google will put advertisements on your website and split the profit with you. When you are just getting started with your website do not expect to make a lot of money quickly. Unless you have a lot of traffic to your website, a few dollars a day is all you can expect. This usually takes time to get going, although it is very easy to set up.

Affiliate Programs are also a way that you can make money with your website. This is also easy to set up. Companies will pay you a commission every time something is sold to a customer that came to their website from yours. If the company is compatible with yours, you could make hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per month advertising for other companies on your website. Again, you must have plenty of traffic to your website, but the potential is unlimited.

As you can see, there are ways that you can make money on the internet, but do not get sucked into the get-rich-quick scams that are so prevalent on the web. Money can be made on the internet, but as many would-be millionaires have found, it can also be lost.

Paul Taylor is a business owner that helps other business owners and entrepreneurs locate wholesale distributors and dropshippers. Visit his website for information about wholesale sources or opening a business.


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Make Money Uncover Top 2 Ways to Make Quick Cash Online
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