Arm Yourself Before Your Yellow Page Sales Rep Arrives and You’ll Save Money


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The Yellow Page Directory is an Annual Event

It won’t be long before the 2007 Yellow Page directory goes to press. So expect a visit from your sales person one of these days. Don’t let him or her catch you by surprise. A little time getting ready for that visit ahead of time will save you money month after month.

Traps Most Business Owners Fall For

- Putting things off—the next Directory seems a long way off. But the deadline creeps without them thinking about it once all year

- Being overwhelmed with details. It’s so complicated, nobody could figure out their best strategy

- Being too busy with the core business to want to deal with side issues

- Running the same ad year after year, whether or not it worked

- Spending all of ten minutes during the Rep’s appointment to recommit for the next directory

- Over-relying on the Rep’s recommendations – as though they know your business as well as you do

Know How New Customers Find You

If you’re not getting a significant flow of new customers through the directory, it doesn’t deserve to be your biggest marketing expense. Certain types of businesses do a lot better through the directory than others—for example emergency services or restaurants. But many types have declined a lot. Do you know which is true for your type of business?

Tracking the source of all new business is the ideal. But most businesses fail to ask customers how they found them routinely. Don’t feel guilty that you didn’t. It’s not too late to do a sample for a few weeks. Unless your business is highly seasonal, you’ll get enough data to know about what percentage of your business finds you through the directory. But I suspect that even without keeping track, you know if you’re getting your money’s worth from the ad you have.

Don’t Rush the Decision

The time to think about your next-year’s ad is not while the rep is in your face. You can be sure that your sales rep will be prepared. With the expectation that he or she can persuade you to spend as much or more as before. Don’t make it easy for them or leave it to the last minute.

Don’t let the Rep cold-call you. Schedule and allow for an hour of uninterrupted time. Give the Rep specific questions before the meeting, so that they can come prepared with the answers you request .

Take charge. At the first contact from them, ask when the Directory’s closing date will be. Then you’ll have a realistic idea about how much time you have. That protects you from their hurried high-pressure arm twisting. You don’t need to decide on the spot or when you’re not thinking clearly. Such pushy sales strategy is designed to roll over you and your good judgment.

You’re about to make a commitment for another year. Whatever they spend for a Yellow Pages often spells the difference between a small operation being in the red or in the black. So it’s worth your time to give it a few hours of thought.

Don’t be an easy mark. Yellow Page Sage provides the informational articles and the facts you need to be ready for that meeting. And since you’ll understand the process better, you won’t be paying for any more options than you need. Put your extra back into your pocket or into other marketing methods.

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