Simple "Business Survival" Secret - Missed By 99% Of Business Owners - Guarantees Your Success

Ben Settle

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If you want to know what the single most critical secret for long-term business survival and success is. . . no matter who you are, what you sell or who you sell to. . . then this short article could change your life as you know it.

Listen to this: My older brother and I both used to wrestle in high school. On several different occasions, our coach told me I had ten times more natural talent than my brother. Yet, while I barely had more wins than losses…my brother excelled and almost made it to the state championship.

Why did my brother kick butt and I struggle?

The answer is simple: My brother literally worked ten times harder than I did. I “dogged” it every day, and he worked his can off. In the end, he left me in the dust.

And the same goes for business.

It doesn't matter who you are or where you are in life, the guy without any skill, talent or resources…who out-works, out-thinks and out-markets his filthy rich, technically-savvy competition…is going to win in the end. It may take some time and it may not happen overnight, but it will happen.

Most people don’t want to hear it takes hard work. That’s why all the “how to make money” pitches avoid using the words. But for long-term survival, for long-term success, for long-term profits that keep you financially secure for the rest of your life…simply put in the time and effort and it'll happen. It's practically guaranteed.

Ben Settle is a direct response copywriter and author of “The Copywriter's Cheat Sheet" - which contains over 300 pages of advanced copywriting secrets and rare swipe file ads not easily found anywhere else. You can get a free copy of his book and read his latest copywriting ideas and tactics at


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