Tear Away the Feeling of Sorrow with Your Tears


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I reside in a vowel shaped house. I hate to be inside. But I can’t come out when I wish. Once I come out, I cannot go in. If I dare to come out, I will be ruined. If I don’t, you will be in deep sorrow. Who am I? I am someone delicate who is wiped away as I come out. I am just a transparent pearly ‘Tear drop. ’

Some people hate me while others like me. My existence is due to the presence of problems, sorrow or extreme love. When you are in deep trouble, invite me. Let me jump out of your beautiful eyes and fall apart. Only when I come out, will you be in happiness. You often keep me inside of your eyes as if I am your precious secret hidden treasure. But I like to explore the world, enjoy the outer beauty. Of course, I am very precious for your loved ones. When I lay on your cheeks, your beloved wastes no more minute to grant all your wishes. Am I not precious to him and indirectly to you?

I am precious when I sit inside the little eyes of the children too. It is then their parents fulfil their greatest wishes. Some of them prefer my company to express their needs of hunger, thirst and their other little needs.

Tear away your sorrows which have resided on your heart for ever by letting me out. Let me hug the walls of your eyes to relieve you from your sorrow. I come as a result of your pain but when I come out, the heaviness of your heart is relieved. My appearance is only to see the smile dance on your lips. As I come out, I wash away the dirt in your eyes as well as your problems residing in your heart forever.

Are you aware I am treated very precious as well as low? Let me out only when needed. If I appear in petty circumstances, I will be treated low as well as you. So be careful when you want me. When I rarely appear on your cheeks, people admire you for your mental strength and balance. If I am seen often, they call you timid.

Problems are your eternal shadow no matter what season it is. You are a boat sinking and floating like waves of sorrow and happiness in the ocean of Life. You are a human being capable of choosing your own path to reach your destiny. Walk on failure to achieve success. Being optimistic in pessimistic times is true optimism. Great failure is better than mere success because the former involves hard lessons which smoothen your path of your future life. Don’t strive about my existence or appearance. Smile attracts smile, for it is contagious. So laugh and leave anger. Love and live longer without me.

“Tears make your happiness come and go where as Laughter makes your happiness come and grow. " - Sharmila Sanka


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