How do they make special effects movies?


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Movie specials effects have become a major ingredient in the success of Hollywood blockbusters these days. All the major films feature breathtaking special effects. Every movie tries to beat the other in terms of grandeur and the outlandish effects generated on screen. There seems to be almost no end to the exciting visuals that the movie wizards can come up with these days.

But how exactly are these special effects shots done. What really goes into the making of these spectacular effects. Is it that something that the common man can understand or comprehend with his limited technical knowledge.

Yes, it is quite possible to understand the basic strategy behind what goes on to produce these shots. You need to first of all understand that there are a number of special effects techniques that go into the making of most scenes. A single shot might be using a combination of different techniques. It is the culmination of these technologies that gives rise to the spectacular effects that we see in movies today.

There is the technique of compositing, where two, three or more layers of film are combined together into a single shot. For instance, the foreground characters in a scene can be shot inside a studio, and the background scenery can be shot outdoors, and both can be merged together seamlessly to look like the characters were indeed on location where the background scenery was shot. This can have a number of implications regarding the complexity of the shot and what can possibly achieved on screen. This technique alone is one of the chief corner stones that almost all effects movies use to bring breathtaking scenes to life.

These kinds of effects shots are known as post production shots since most of these effects are created inside the digital studio after principle shooting or production has been completed. That is why it is called “post production”.

There are other kinds of effects that are done on the sets during the shooting of the film. Things like explosions, stunts and a variety of other techniques are sometimes used on the sets as the cameras roll.

The final shots that we see on screen are a combination of several of these techniques used ingeniously to magically transport us to the world that is portrayed in the movie script. Movie special effects are the tools that make this possible.

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