What Makes Demi Moore so Special?


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Brains, beauty, sex-appeal and brilliantly shiny hair are only a few words that can describe the celebrated star Demi Moore (born Demetri Guynes). Her exotic beauty is considered to be ‘caused’ by her French, Welsh and Native American heritage. Even if the seductive Scorpion actress (born on November 11, 1962 in New Mexico) is causing big waves of scandal by shaving her head nearly bald for her part in the GI Jane movie, or kicking Charlie Angel's butt while her shimmery coal black tresses were falling down to her waist, Demi Moore is famous for her unique hair, but also for her men.

Her famous trade mark, her hair was heavily copied when she surprised the audience by appearing with a very short, boyish crop in the popular ‘Ghost’ movie in 1990. Demi Moore went through a range of radically different hairstyles for accomplishing the requirements for her following movies, eventually completely shocking the fans by actually shaving her head in a visually striking scene in ‘G. I. Jane’ in 1997.

In spite of Demi's change of look for the ‘G. I. Jane’ movie, her movie failed at the box office and mostly garnered poor reviews. ‘G. I Jane’ was not a singular case, ‘The Scarlett Letter', ‘The Juror’ and ‘Striptease’ had the same sad faith. Although Demi Moore was the highest paid actress in Hollywood and the first actress to reach the 10 million USD level for salary, and although she was completing a string of box office hits as ‘Ghost', ‘A Few Good Men’ and ‘Indecent Proposal', Demi Moore has been constantly given negative attention, being eventually spoofed with a cartoon version (called ‘Dewmi Moore') in the popular video game ‘Leisure Suit Larry’.

After these series of bad review she disappeared to her ranch in Idaho to completely dedicate herself to the education of her three daughters. Demi Moore broke away from her privacy in 2000 to act in ‘Passion of Mind’ movie, but she carried on her discreet life style and she didn't seek the bright lights of Hollywood.

Demi Moore orchestrated an amazing come-back by appearing in another spectacular hairstyle for the ‘Charlie's Angels’ sequel in 2002-2003. The low profile Demi Moore emerged with a waist long hair, with a super healthy shine.

It is like this incredible woman retreated to the remote Idaho with minimal soldier hair in order to later amaze the world with the gorgeous tresses you would normally expect from a person living a healthy, private life in the beautiful wilds of Idaho.

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