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There are a lot of companies that focus on producing the world’s best musical instruments. M-Audio is a leading name among them. M-Audio is a business subsidiary of Avid Technologies, which is a market leader in producing the innovative solutions for music industry. The company came into being in 1988 and in a very short span has gained a lot of popularity among the music artists. The M-Audio has been known to produce cost effective solutions and among the marvels produced by M-Audio is the M-Audio Blackbox.

The M-Audio Blackbox is specifically designed for the guitarists and it has been one of the most wanted equipment to produce the blazing effects it has to offer. These effects can sync in with your songs and can allow the delays that you need at the specific points, it can randomize the filters, can produce pulsing effects and can also help to initiate the beats to write a song. The M-Audio Blackbox has been given an interface that is used for computer based recordings. The M-Audio has the capacity to combine the drum machine, amp modeling and the powerful beats, which makes it awesome.

The M-Audio has been working on producing the upgrades and improvements on the feedbacks and has recently made a new version 2 firmware in which the M-Audio Blackbox has 40 amp models as well as the capability of producing emulations for most of the guitar amps. The M-Audio Blackbox also features more than 120 exclusive exciting effects, which synchronize with the internal drum patterns as well as the external sequencer. The M-Audio Blackbox has about a 100 built-in drum patterns along with the tap tempo and gives out the different grooves and tempos.

The M-Audio Blackbox has a built-in microphone preamp, which is incorporated for the recording, processing the vocals, as well as acoustic instruments. You can connect your M-Audio Blackbox with your computer with the USB cable, which will help you connect to your recording software on the computer. This will also allow you to sync in the different effects of your M-Audio Blackbox to your songs. The M-Audio Blackbox also includes the drivers for the WDM, ASIO and CoreAudio that just gives the suppleness to work with the most popular sequencing softwares such as the Ableton Live, GarageBand, SONAR, Pro Tools M-Powered and many others.

As mentioned before that the M-Audio Blackbox has a lot of effects such as tremolo, delay, chorus, and talk box, the M-Audio also has an effect that surpasses all, which is arpeggios that will make you create effects that no one has ever heard before. The M-Audio Blackbox also gives a crisp quality to the sound with the compressor, sustainer and a reverb with the five selectable background types. You will see that every time you start working with your M-Audio Blackbox, you will be able to play something really new that you have never played before. All these features just make M-Audio Blackbox the only choice.

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