Numerology's Personality Number - Your First Impression to Others

Keith Abbott

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Ever wander what people's first impression of you is? Numerology can help us find out what others think when they first meet you; what your public image is. We just need to calculate your Personality number.

The Personality number has several names: the Inner self, the Impression, the Latent self, and the Consonant number to name a few. This number shows us the first impression you project to other people. It also describes how you see yourself. It is your public as well as your private image.

Also, like the Soul Urge or Motivation number, this value can change through out our lives, because it is dependent on the name we use, and names can change.

Personality Number Calculation

Your Personality number is calculated by summing the numeric values of the consonants in your name, and then reducing the total to a single digit with fadic addition. The numeric values are determined using each letters position in the alphabet. For example Johnny Depp's Personality number is (8) as shown below:

Johnny Depp = Jhnn Dpp (vowels removed) = (10 + 8 + 14 + 14) + (4 + 15 + 15) = 80 = (8)

Personality (1) - Leaders

These people project the image of being a leader, a self-confident person. They look like they can take care of themselves. They give off an air of originality and self-reliance. They project determination and enthusiasm for life.

Personality (2) - Friends

These people project the image of being friendly and cooperative. They are able to comfort, help, and give good council to the people they meet. They are natural people, and easy to get along with. They may appear shy, particularly in the presence of persons who take the lead in conversations.

Personality (3) - Partiers

These people project the image of being a creative, happy person; bright, witty, and full of life. They come across as loving a good time, liking to make people laugh, and the life of the party. People see them as being lucky.

Personality (4) - Workers

These people appear to be practical solid people; well organized, self-disciplined, and strong. They come across as being hard workers; calm and practical in a crisis. People see them as being orthodox and conservative; good at handling details and the boring everyday chores of life.

Personality (5) - Jack of All Trades

These people appear to be versatile, a jack of all trades; and adaptable to almost any situation. They have a certain *** attraction which comes across on people's first impression of them. People see them as hard to pin down, a free spirit willing to try their hand at new things.

Personality (6) - Well Balanced

These people appear to be well balanced, full of harmony and with thier life under control. They project an air of creativity and a love for beautiful things. People see them as being good team players or making good partners.

Personality (7) - Individualist

These people appear to be solitary and secretive, deep thinkers. They appear cold and arrogant. Other people find them to be stubborn and will be reluctant to offer them advice. They come across as being rugged individualist.

Personality (8) - Warriors

These people appear to be strong and determined, capable of reaching their goals. Other people think find them ambitions, a little greedy, and determined to succeed. Their life appears to be a struggle at times, with an air of bad luck to it. They are seen as goal oriented, driven, craving material wealth, and tenacious.

Personality (9) - Charismatic

These people appear to be dynamic and full of energy, charismatic persons who attract others. They appear to be compassionate. Others see them as creative, independent, and having an unconventional approach to life. They come across as strong personalities with a quick, explosive bad temper.

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