Tattoo Machine and Tattoo Technique


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How Tattoo Machine works and what Tattoo Techniques are used by tattooist? Read below to find out.

Most people think tattoo machines just like sewing machines - rotating needles up and down with hollow needles, but it is not true.

Actually, tattoo machine is essentially an electromagnet powered by a variable power supply. The artist dips the needs into a small cap which has been filled with pigment (ink) from a squeeze bottle. There are from one for some outlines and fine work to many bunched needles tight together for shading in a given tattoo machine. The needles are soldered to a bar which is attached to the electromagnet.

Whenpower is applied to the handheldmagnet/bar combination, the pigment-coated needles vibrate together up and down thousands of times per minute.

As the needles pierce the skin, the colored pigments are injected under the skin, between the permanent bottom layer and the surface layer which is constantly dying off and being replaced by fresh skin cells.

The tattooing technique of placing the pigment at the right depth is very important to the quality of the tattoo. If the needles penetratetoo deeply, the pigment will mix with body fluid and cause the color to spread. If the pigment is not placed deep enough, the tattoo will fade and come out prematurely as new skin emerges from the lower layers. - the starting place for exploring and learning all about tattoos, tattoo ideas, tattoo design concept, tattoo supplies and equipments.


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