Is Numerology Easy?

Jakob Steele

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Back to Hogwarts! For the Harry Potter fans out there, a question: What is Hermione’s favorite subject? Did you say Numerology? Good. Actually, in the Harry Potter series it is called ‘Arithmancy’. Now, why am I bringing this up? For two reasons. First, Hermione is attracted to the subject because it is challenging. In fact, it is considered to be quite hard. Many websites, books, articles, even the Wikipedia claim that Numerology is the easiest of the Divinatory Arts. Um, no. It is one of the simplest yes but, that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Numerology is actually a fundamental study and there is a natural progression from Numerology to Cartomancy to Tarot. Notice how each discipline widens the scope just a little bit. The archetypes move from those of number to number shape and some color, to the oftentimes complex symbolism found in Tarot. Numerology is fundamental and, just as in sports or in life, you always need the fundamentals. A good foundation is something that you build upon and if you ever come across a problem or question that you are having trouble resolving…get back to fundamentals! Beginning your study of the Divinatory Arts with Numerology will save you an incredible amount of time and energy latter on. Ok, and the second reason, I hear you ask. The name J. K. Rowling gives to the discipline – Arithmancy. Modern Numerology could really be split into two branches of learning: the study of the archetype of number, and the study of vibration.

The first study is contemplating the numbers and what they mean individually. How one becomes two and so on. The second is observing how those numbers interact, how they influence. J. K. Rowling has pointed out an important distinction for us: Numerology proper is the study of number; Arithmancy is the use of Numerology for Divinatory purposes.

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